Employment Contract Advice
Constructive Dismissal
Termination of Employee

Assistant Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Surgeons, Assistant, Physicians, Pharmacist, Dieticians, Radiology Technicians, Medical Lab Technicians, Pathologist, Diagnostic staffs, Gynecology Specialist, Nannies, Home care staffs, House Maids, baby sitter and Hospital Maintenance Cleaners and any other specific requirements.

Farms & Agriculture Sectors
Dairy Farm helpers, seed and Potato farming workers, Equipment operators, General farm workers livestock Handlers, Farm Assistants, Agronomists, horticulturist, Seasonal work, planting, cultivating, harvesting workers, Landscaping workers, swine breeding workers,Agriculture, and crops workers and Greenhouse workers, Planters and Cleaners and any other specific requirements.

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